Shoot for the Stars

This blog is my humble attempt at writing up the events leading to the demise of the Colonist; An alien entity/ies arrived in 1914 on the Tungustan comet. The Colonist is/are a fungus type infection that requires human antigens to survive, highly fragile to high level of ultra-violet light. Using porphyria to survive the organism is fighting to harvest the human blood, once the planet has been cleansed of non infected human lifeforms, it will go dormant, waiting for the next impact to move to the another world.

The Colonist entities themselves cannot be said to be intelligent in human terms, but they have a clear purpose; reproduce at all cost to insure survival. When combined with human DNA the Colonist organism slowly subverts it unless correctly controlled, but confers what could be regarded by external observers as powers. To insure survival of the spore, the organism regenerate most human tissues except for the brain.

Shoot for the Stars is our first attempt at creating a Night’s Black Agents game. Shoots for the Stars starts where the Lennart’s Dossier ends. The first series of posts will explain the background of the conspiracy and detail the organism itself and all of its mutations. Finally we will offers the operations, that the agents could encounter. Every couple of weeks or so, I’ll try to post a recap of the game session itself.

This is my first time writing that level of detail for a running game, hopefully it will be clear enough that other directors can use some of it for their own conspiracy. Also please note that English is not my native language, so please expect inconsistencies, syntax errors and grammar issues; Constructive comments welcomed.

A personal note on Night’s Black Agents, and the story driven Role Playing Games using the GUMSHOE engine and others. I had pretty much given up on Role-playing, the mapping aspects of it were and is turning me off completely. I find this cumbersome, and in a sense a complete creativity killer. Some players might love the precision of pushing figurines around, frankly I don’t; At least not when playing Role playing games. I rediscovered RPGs with Trail of Cthulhu, a new take on an old story. Most observers will talk about the GUMSHOE system, how it makes clues easy to get, hard to interpret, this has been discussed to death.

The thing for me that it brought forth was a simple concept, sharing the gaming creativity burden between the players and the storyteller. By introducing skills like preparedness, players could forgo the endless shop through the book to make sure they have the correct equipment. With the simple fact that players could keep unassigned points stored for a later use when the storyteller introduced something new in the story. All of these to make sure that the sessions go forward. Some might say that any house rules could make this happen in any system. Maybe, but GUMSHOE internalized all of this and made it part of the system.

The games created using this system are no longer a story told from the storyteller to the players, but a shared affair between all the involved parties. As one of my players commented; traditional gamemasters should be aware that they will lose control of some key parts of the story, this is the part where I sit back, listen to the players tell me a story and smile.

We currently play Night’s Black Agents, and sometimes when I’m lucky I can get people introduced to Fiasco from Bully Pulpit Games.

Hopefully, you will find my ramblings thoughts interesting.

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