Conspiracy Goals

Shoot for the Stars actually contains two conspiracy leaderships, the criminal covert objectives of the Russian research group and the colonization objective of the Organism itself. The Tunguska organism objective is pretty clear; Using the spores already in the wild it is influencing the development of bio-warfare delivery technologies to insure that it can spread on Earth. To do so it uses the existing infected.

The criminal have more objectives but the are in a sense simpler to understand as they stem from the needs of power hungry humans. The campaign should focus on these objectives initially, only to reveal the organism truth at the end of the story.

Man of Tunguska Objective

  • Insure the survival of itself by spreading across the planet.

Russian Research Group Objectives

  • Harvest and Control the benefits of the S100A4 MR4 spores to create a new world order.
    • Recover the 3 remaining samples.
    • Recover the original research notes.
    • Recover the location of the Organism body.
    • Start new research projects
      • Hire or coerce the best biological experts in the world.
      • Develop better control mechanism to insure that the spores can be used on world leaders.
      • Develop a counter agent to limit the spread of the fungus.

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