Baldak Shipping co.

The Baldak Shipping Corporation is owned and operated by a 63 years old Romanian named Vasily Milea. Documents show that Vasily was an important member of the Romanian Communist party, but following the collapse of the Soviet Union he used his numerous contacts to create a small monetary empire. As a good capitalist, seeing that the illegal trade was getting locked up by former high ranking KGB personnel, he came up with a service geared exactly for these types of trade. Complete anonymity for the shipper by creating perfectly forged shipping manifests. The service offered by Baldak Shipping Co. also include the payment of substantial fees to political figure and local and regional police to insure that the goods make it through without any problems.

The Baldak headquarters are located in Constanta, Romania ( Smaller offices are present in most major train stations, ports and airports throughout eastern Europe. Vasily operates these offices exactly like terrorist cells, with the local members never knowing that the content of the containers are mostly illegal goods. Once a docker begins to suspect something is weird, one of Vasily lieutenant determines the potential and loyalty of the employee and if this not positive he is quickly dispatched. Loyal employees are often rewarded with a local office of their own.

In regards to the conspiracy, Vasily or any member of Baldak Shipping are currently completely unaware of anything untoward with the content they are shipping. They are happy the Mafiya is trusting them and using their services, but they do not suspect any alien or paranormal event is taking place, not that he would really care. As long as the aliens pay, business will remain business.


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