Recap Game #7 First blood

The Agents are in Cyprus, looking for a way to determine the final destination of the weapons container stolen from the NATO Headquarters Sarajevo, Bosnia.

We find our intrepid agents on the deck of the Dancing with sheep, discussing their plan one they make landfall in Dhekelia. As captain Morgan and first mate Than secure the rigging, the agents spot the harbor master talking on the phone while entering the ship manifest. By reading the lips of the harbor master they managed to glean the following information.

“Yes sir, 6 passengers, 5 of them looking like trouble and a girl, about 20, I would say.”
“Give me a second, I am looking at the FAX.”
“Yes sir that could definitively be them. No problem sir.”

Understanding that keeping Sarah Lennart with them could prove disastrous for them and her, the team split up. With Natasha, Sean, McGee and Victor looking for a safe house, while Sanderson who had the better rapport with Sarah would take her to the Canadian embassy.

The four agents rented an old UN jeep and made their way inland towards the northern part of the island, the containers still showing to be in Kyrenia. As soon as they left the city limits, they spotted two sport motorcycles following them. The motorcycle passengers obviously holding some sorts of weapons. After a brief moment of stress where the agents made a quick inventory of their own firepower – it ended with a sad count of 1 pistol for Victor, that he had managed to get through customs and an old UN pistol, retrieved from a quick search of the jeep.

Sean managed to jury rig a Molotov cocktail as a secondary weapon, which gave the agents a boost of confidence.

As soon as Victor saw the front wheel of the enemy bike, he blew up the front tire sending the motorcycle in a front spin launching the motorcycle passenger in the air. This gave the signal to McGee to do a 90 degree swerve, breaking in front of the currently flying motorcycle passenger. As fate would have it, McGee was placed in direct line of fire of the 2 UZI the thug had managed to ready. The resulting shots were partially blocked by the jeep door, but some managed to hit McGee in the shoulder.

Having opted to shoot at the agent, the flying cyclist was unable to dodge the incoming jeep door. Making him suffer a career ending injury, when his head impacted violently on the closed car door.

As the second motorcycle, ended its course 6 feet from the back doors. Sean opened them in a flurry giving Natasha a perfectly lined shot to the driver. A single bullet to the head took care of him in a most definitive way. The cold and precise efficiency of the old school KGB agent asserting itself once more.

With only one thug left, Sean lighted his Molotov cocktail and threw it out the backdoor. In a miscalculation for the ages, the coke bottle filled with gasoline impacted on the jeep ceiling and exploded 6 feet short of its intended target. The resulting fireball managed to hit both Sean and Victor. McGee gunned the jeep in reverse hitting the last thug really hard, decapitating him cleanly, the head rolling in the back of the truck.

On the other side of the city, Sanderson and Lennart are walking towards the Canadian embassy. Looking over her shoulder Sanderson sees two ruffians matching their steps. Spotting an open air market she rushed Sarah to it and stopped at a local trift shop, rapidly haggling with the owner she bought two traditional Turkish dresses, and started walking again. Cutting a corner she rapidly disguised Lennart and herself before their shadows reacquired them.

Dressed to hide, their shadows back track to the open air market hoping to reestablish the tail. Looking obviously pissed off, the shadows started breaking the most elementary tradecraft rules. This made them easier to see in the sea of people entering and exiting the market. Using a simple trick and some cunning Sanderson was able to throw off her would be attackers even before the chase started.

Once reunited, the agents look at their options. When checking the current location of the containers, they saw that they had started moving towards the southern town of Famagusta. A bit of history tells our agents that a complete neighborhood of Famagusta was emptied when the Turkish / Greek frontier was established. The Varosha neighborhood is closed to the public and patrolled by the Turkish army, making this location a place took good to be true.

Circumventing the security the agents bought scuba gears and entered the forbidden zone. Setting up a stakeout location in front of the tallest building in varosha, a towering 15 level hotel. The agents knew that this location would be the center of the activity as it was home to a good security force, and a working construction lift attached to the side of the building.

The sun still high, a monster Escalade jeep with top mounted mini gun enters the Varosha area. The convoy composed of an eighteen wheeler and lead and trailing military escalade stops in front of the old Varosha’s Club Hotel. As soon as the convoy stops. A forklift start unloading the 2 crates and moves them to the lift, while 2 MI-8 choppers with Syrian markings land on the roof.

Men disembark from the Escalades, including the Red Beret previously hit by .50 incendiary rounds in a back alley on the Greek side of the island. The Red Beret was fully clad in military armor, with a tactical sniper hat and tactical gloves. His eyes protected by wraparound glasses, the limited exposed skin looked blurry even to the naked eye. This freaked Sean out.

“Not the Robot again!”

The noise created by the working elevator struggling to bear the weight of the crates (loaded with sand by the agents) covered the actions of McGee, Sean and Victor. They quickly moved to assault the members of the lead Escalade. In the meantime Natasha and Sanderson moved in position to cover the ground from their vantage point. As the chaos of combat took hold, the agents stole the lead Escalade with Victor manning the minigun. Once they took care of the guards they set their attention to the Red Beret. Firing rounds from the minigun center mass with no obvious effect. The Red Beret just lifted the truck and flipped it to its side. Victor, Sean and McGee still trapped in it. This gave an opening to Natasha who took a perfect shot blowing the side of the man’s head. The Red Beret kept on coming.

McGee reached deep, real deep, opening a secret compartment in his prosthetic leg and gave Sean an incendiary grenade. Sean quickly rigged a grenade belt with a single wire detonator, opened the now upward side door, and lassoed the belt around the remaining pieces of the head of their overbearing friend. Pulling on the wire while praying that the blast would not kill him, Sean ducked back inside. The blast completely annihilated the upper torso of the Red Beret.

“Any crash you can walk away from is a good one.”

The agents decided to retreat to their places of safety, licking their wounds, agreeing to meet in Algiers in two weeks.