En route to nowhere

Note : This will be part recap of game #10 and also planning of game #11. Due in part to my complete improvisation of game #10 ending. I went with the flow, but could not immediately place the events in the larger context. It came to me this week, so without further a due, here we go again.

After coming back from Liberia the agents decided to go after the source of the “Shooting Star” drug packet. The landed in Amsterdam and quickly found that the source of the drug was the MelkWeg (Milky Way) club. Using this information they did a couple of search and found that a lot of single visitor had a tendency to disappear in Amsterdam. Due to the nature of the city itself these disappearances never became important enough to warrant further investigation. Amsterdam is host to lots of travelers, often single, from all over Europe. These, have been on the road for a long time, and most often are not missed by their family, being as they are, regarded as failures.

After a successful stake out of the MelkWeg, the agents follow the delivery of (designated) human antigen to the Amsterdam train station, where it is handed off to a man boarding a train headed for Germany – Ingelheim. The following day the agent board the same train hoping to understand how and by whom these antigen are used.

As the train entered Germany it crossed a high bridge and started slowing down rapidly. As the agents look out at the snow covered mountains, terrorists stand up in the agents car and start hosing down the car passenger. Sean, obviously tired of all the ruckus took a quick look around, saw two terrorists in the front and two others at the back of the car systematically killing the passengers. He pointed the two front man to Natasha, McGee and Sanderson and just kicked out the side window and jumped out.

As he jumped out he took off his belt, threw it around the top of the car and tied it with a flick of the wrist. As he tarzaned his way around he cam back in with added velocity straight at one of the gunman in the back of the car. The kick broke the man sternum and threw him straight on the second gunman. Seizing the initiative he jumped the second man still reeling from the unexpected flying Irish. The gunfight saw Natasha using the train car ceiling as a bullet rebound to kill off the attackers coming at them from the  front. Once the action settled down a bit, the train  carhad stopped on a bridge in the middle of nowhere, Germany. Walking to the front of the car, the train nowhere to be seen, McGee saw a crude explosive device sitting on the track, with a countdown timer at 58 seconds. Calling out to Sean, McGee told the other Agents to evacuate the remaining passengers from the back.

Sean was able to disable the basic device in less than a second, the poor quality of the craftsmanship saddening the former IRA bomb maker. As he finished disabling the device, he noticed a glint on the right side, over the ledge of the mountain peak. He saw a two man team equipped with a laser target designator aimed directly at the train car. Hearing a hushed sound, McGee started yelling; “Drone, Drone, Drone”; Running out the car the Agents managed to escape the train as it exploded off the track and down the ravine.

Quick Overview of the next game.

Agents Goal : Understand what the antigen are used for.

Current Location : Somewhere in Germany, probably in near Ingelheim.

Location Aspects : Cold, Barren, hastily covered-tracks.

Conspiracy Goal : The Colonist was aware of the agents surveillance of the MelkWeg. Using considerable resources it order its minions to tail the agents around, it created a counter-trap. The mountain hit was its bid to finally get rid of this torn. Using the bratva through KU2 – Nikodim Stepanovitch, the organisms contacted German ultra-nationalist groups and ordered the hit. Unbeknownst to the agents the Train was diverted off the main track to allow an easier attack vector. The train was then detached to insure that once all the passengers of car #6 were killed there would be no witness. If the news ever comes out of a hit on a train in Germany, the conspiracy will blanket the media with a story about terrorist units preparing for the Sochi Winter Olympics. A team of GSG-9 successfully dealt with the terrorists. As the conspiracy was not able to get rid of the Agents, it put in place protocol Bravo. The conspiracy would still try to kill off the agents, but if required it will try to negotiate with them. The Agents will be hunted in the mountains until they get to the paramilitary compound, at this point they will be brought in to meet a old man named Nikodim Stepanovitch; Once in private – Stepanovitch will make a sales pitch about the work they are trying to accomplish.

“It cost me/us a lot to bring you here. Please heed my offer, it should simplify our lives.”

Cover Story (Talking Points)

  • Yes, as you know we are studying a new bio-chemical compound.
  • We believe it to be of alien origin.
  • Our backers are private and wish to remain anonymous.
  • I do not know where the source material was found.
  • Our research indicate that this compound could potentially solve the age old problem of cell decay.
  • We had to take actions to insure that this research did not fall in government hands; Our backers are afraid of a militarization of the strain, and would prefer to see it destroyed that see it power the super soldier of the future.
  • Naturally working off the grid has its disadvantages, we need resources normally unavailable. But with your backgrounds it would ease or work.


  • Evade the militia
  • Protect the civilians
    • They will get picked off one by one.
  • It’s Winter time again.
    • The militia are taken out. Weird sounds are heard.
    • Survive the cold mountains – The Missing Link (KU3)
  • Looking at the stars.(Atmosphere)
    • Around the fireplace, at night. A meteor shower in the high atmosphere or aurora borealis
  • A seemingly abandoned WW2 bunker
    • Break in
    • Discover the ultra-nationalist
    • Discover the animal pen and research center
    • Discover the Russian equipment – (Kalashnikov Concern)
  • Meet the Kapitan
    • Looks like Dracula, drinks “red wine” from a  Grail like chalice.
    • Hear his offer
  • Figure out the use of the antigen
    • Soylent Green – A more humane food – contains no gluten (Core)
    • Reports from the Ingelheim research center (Core)
  • Escape the bunker
    • Option – Accept the offer – leave for the bank job.
      • The vault contains WW2 NKVD dossiers (Core)
    • Option – Down the slope in skidoos
    • Option – Jump the ledge
    • Option – Steal the plane