Welcome to Ingelheim

Agents Goal : Escape the clutch of the conspiracy, discover its real goal.

Current Location : Ingelheim, Germany

Location Aspects : Cold, Small Town, Suspicious of strangers

Conspiracy Goal : After the failed attempt at recruiting the agents, the conspiracy will make every effort to get rid of the agents. The conspiracy is nearing its own goal, and will not tolerate any other change in plans. The loss of the research binders is unacceptable and they will make every effort to recover them. Luckily for the conspiracy, the binders were tagged with locators.

The Research Binders

S100A4 MR4 [0001]

Contains background information on the Tunguska event. The information is generic and contains eye witness reports of the event collected from various historical sources. See here for more information.

S100A4 MR4 [0106]


Animal testing is a complete failure. The non primate antigen are not able to support the growth factor of the spores, leading to a rapid cell degeneration. The cell degeneration is so fast that is creates huge amounts of energy and burns out the test subject. The same procedure applied to primates offers a much more interesting avenue of research. The larger primate seem to be able to sustain the burn rate of the spore. After careful monitoring, it seems the energy intake of the test primate increased by a factor of a 1000%. When we tried to reduce the amount of food given to the subjects, they quickly became agressive and attacked one another. We lost 2 of the 3 subjects, they were killed and “eaten” by Gargantua. After careful review of the events, it was theorized that the primate went for the closest primary source of antigen.


Following the orders of KNS the research team started testing the KU3 strain on human subjects. Thanks to the provided dossier – S100A4 MR4 [0039] – we were able to duplicate the research and derived a composite spore that we could inject in human subject. The higher intellect of the subject seemed to help in controlling the violent outburst that we saw in the primates. Once we started running protocol p6 to test the stability of the grafted spore we quickly found that the sought after stability would not be found in the KU4 variant.


Using the research notes provided by the chemists we were able to duplicate and reproduce his test results. The compound created using this process offers huge advantages compared to any strain we managed to create during our last research cycle. The effect still leaves the test subjects on the brink of death, but we feel that this hurdle might be completely preventable by lacing the material with some form of steroid construct. Samples are in route to research center in Moscow, Amsterdamand Ohio.

[KU6] – New research based on the KU3 strand. Will begin testing in the following weeks. Samples are in route to research centers in Moscow, Amsterdam and Ingelheim.

Without access to the original strain we feel the research might soon reach a dead end. Some advances could be made injecting the spores directly in a protein scaffolding. The fragility of the KU3 strain makes it unlikely that this method will succeed. Comparing our notes with those obtained from the 8 of heart could also lead to potentially promising variations. Given access to the original strain it is our belief that an air-delivered weaponized version of the KU6 variant could be finished in time for the arrival of the primary investor. We are therefore requesting additional funding.

Approved by Dr. Sorin Cimpeanu


The angry farmer – He doesn’t like strangers.

The last hobo – He doesn’t drink the water.
The Syrians – They want respect.
The zombies – They drank the water.
The authorities – They are scared of the city – See Bhopal
The mayor – Turns a blind eye to the problems.
The bystanders – The work for Boehringer
Les minettes – Dr. Sorin Cimpeanu goes there to feed.

Everybody in Ingelheim is Infected KU5


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