Michael McGee

Mike McGee is one of those hard as nail old geezer that never know when or how to quit. Worked all his life for the military, MI6 and various other alphabet soup organizations. Building and repairing gadgets, weapons and vehicles that actual Agents abused in the field.

He got his training in one of the most prestigious British engineering units, the sappers, during the cold war era. Never highly regarded as a soldiers, he was one of the most prominent engineers of the unit, coming up with many vehicle designs that are still in use to this day. After his official retirement from the Corp,  he joined the group of veterans that had no real civilian skill set, or were too old to seek employment elsewhere. Being a proud man, he contacted a few friends and took a couple of contracts to help out.

Michael McGee‘s character sheet

Natasha Romanov

Natasha Romanov was born and raised in a former high level Party class family in the Soviet Union. At the fall of the wall most high ranking soviet officers took one of two choices, crime or politics, often both. The Romanov’s went in public service, her father becoming an important figure in regional politics. Like most wealthy kids in Russia, Natasha had to endure formative activities, these can in no way be considered play. In the case of Natasha her father chose ballet to give the girl direction, and a royal bearing. Hiring a former Bolshoi Ballet instructor, the lessons forged Romanov in a training machine, no task could be to hard, no task could be abandoned.

As the only child of the Romanov family she joined the KGB and rapidly became known for her skill with various weapons and weird fighting technique that she derived from her Vaganova training method. Natasha is a deadly operator, when compared to her male colleagues she often leaves them confounded and a bit depressed. That made her a couple of enemies over the years, as some operators were not promoted and even asked to re-take basic training after getting schooled by Natasha, hopefully no one holds a grudge anymore…

Natasha Romanov‘s character sheet

Sophie Sanderson

Sophie ‘Sleepwalker’ Sanderson, is your typical gen Y hacker. Really hard to get motivated or behind any causes but her own. Completely distrustful of system she will do whatever she can to expose the truth. Taking to heart the old UNIX hackers motto of “Information MUST be free”, she is currently one of the most active wikileaks source, but the information she provides is always considered suspect.

At 26 she was part of the terrorist organization, ANONYMOUS, and was arrested after her cell hacked sites and databases of the CIA, freeing thousands of pages of classified documents. Rumors have it that she cut a deal with the CIA, making her an analyst for 5 years at the employ of the NSA, once her 5 years were up, she left, promising to never get caught again. Other hackers in her cell were not so lucky and now see her as a turn-coat.

Sleepwalker is now walking a thin line between the shadows, burned on both sides, will she be able to find people who can trust her?

Sophie Sanderson‘s character sheet

Sean Cormack

Sean is the black sheep, he is the only agent that never worked for an intelligence service. Sean fought for the IRA during the 80’s and early 90’s, as an expert bomb maker. His tenure with the IRA ended after a bomb he created killed school kids after the operator placed the bomb in a school bus, contrary to Sean’s instructions. After 20 kids died, he took off and severed most links to the IRA. He is currently wanted in Europe by Interpol for various terrorist acts perpetrated in Britain.

After working for the IRA, he took a couple of contracts for Al Qaeda and various terrorist groups, mostly as a trainer for cells in Pakistan, Irak and Iran. Believe the heat in Europe died down, he is now trying his hand at working for Europe fixers. Hopefully his past won’t catch up to him.

Sean Cormack‘s character sheet

The Agents

The next couple of posts will feature the agents. These were created by the players themselves without prior knowledge of the game. Since I did not ask the players to create complex backgrounds, these are rather light, getting filled up as we play. I feel this gives more freedom to the players, and helps less experienced players by letting them adjust to the feel of the game.

First up Victor Henri “Le nettoyeur”

A former DGSE operator, Victor Henry quit the service of the Directorate-General for External Security amid rumors of an abandoned mission during Operation Unicorn in Côte d’Ivoire. Henry’s specialties lie in cover up, making sure that an operation could never be traced to it original perpetrator. He also staged scenes to throw off enemies of the Republic, and point them to other government or criminal groups.

Victor Henry‘s character sheet