Recap game #8 Algier

Everybody needs vacations

The agents  finish their two weeks vacations in London, sitting around a nice pint of ale in the Crown and Scepter pub. It seems the conspiracy did not take a break.

Sanderson’s internal network was scanned by unknown attackers. The attack signature indicates through clever use of IP port forwarding, rewritten IP tables and good old SHA encryption that it probably came from Russia. The attackers remain unknown, but by prodding Sanderson’s network, they have revealed their origin.

McGee’s vacations were spent in a haze of paranoia and drunken stupor. He did alternate his time between drinking at the Crown and Scepter and transforming his personal bunker in a huge burner. He hopes that if ever the robots come, they will perish in the flames of hell.  Using  dust recovered from the corpse of the red beret he started some tests protocols on rats – quickly he learned that the dust made the rat stronger for a while, their organism burning out rapidly due to the high demand of their new strength. While drinking his memory off, some goons leave a Crown and and Scepter card with a note on it.

“We are watching”

After some quick checks by Sanderson on prints left on the note. And cross check  by McGee on the pub’s security cameras, they found out that the culprits are low-level goons from a local extremist group with no tie to any Russian crime syndicate. It seems they just received orders from their parent cell. Pretty pissed off by the violation of his privacy, McGee enlisted the help of the other agents to go after the brotherhood. He wanted them to get the message that you can’t walk in his life and expect to not feel it. Without thinking McGee and Sean entered the Mosque and saw Hakim And Ackmed start running. After a short chase the two members of the brotherhood woke up, tied to chairs in a rundown building. With Sanderson offering a lighter to a wicked looking McGee. Since the two brothers were acting as errand boys it did not take much to get them talking.

Following this short informative talk, it was obvious they did not know much. They just followed orders, given to them via dead drop, without knowing the source. Afterwards the agents let them go knowing full well that at least those two would not come back to haunt them, but feeling like the conspiracy was getting closer.

Sean took time to visit old friends from the University of Belfast Brewers club. A loose association of beer lovers and makers. Also the primary source of expert chemists for the IRA in the 60s and 70s. He offered them the sample recovered from the hotel room and asked them if they could analyze it. Afterwards he retired to his run-down apartment and called up Maggie the witch. The psychologist that was responsible for getting him back on his feet after the events that took the lives of all those kids.It seems that after all these years their relationship became really primal, messed-up and words are no longer required.

Sean was also contacted by an old fishing buddy of his. It seems that the contact was cornered by MI-5 with questions about Sean’s current whereabouts. The MI-5 agents even showed him a satellite picture of Sean talking with a known weapon smuggler (Morgan). While carrying a carpet on his shoulder.

Natasha received a call by her old KGB mentor, after a few pleasantries were exchanged, not in his nature at all to be pleasant. He returned to his former self, and told her that he heard disturbing news about her involvement in the affairs of a well connected man. He even goes so far as to warn her. “Your lack of restraint might prove a hazard to your well being. These new breed, the one that bought in capitalism first, they do not accept failure.”

Up in the air

<Idea from Kevin Kulp>

As the agents board the plane from London Heathrow to Algiers they notice a really high number of government type passenger aboard the plane. Most of the passengers look like they are diplomats, military or high ranking government official. About halfway through the flight, while over the Mediterranean sea, 5 men stand up and start moving like special force soldiers. Two men enter the first class cabin with intent to harm, spotted by Natasha, she follows them and intervene just at the moment where one of the special force was going to cut off the hand of a fat gentleman bound to a briefcase by handcuffs.

When Natasha intervenes and scuffles the special forces operators in first class, two large first class passengers, obviously bodyguards stand up and start getting involved. With the situation now completely out of their hand the operators abort the mission and blow the side of the economy class cabin. Passengers not wearing their seat belts are sucked out of their seats and enjoy a 35000 feet free fall. This gives the machete wielding man time to cut off the hand of the large man. Which means  the briefcase just flies out the side gaping hole.

The agents manage to keep their cool until Sanderson understands that their chance of survival in a plane in this condition over the Mediterranean are none. She unclips her belt and lets go of Sean who was also holding Natasha. Their only possible salvation lies with the operators chutes.

Having listened to the in flight security briefing McGee finds the emergency raft and in an effort to save the other passengers gets himself thrown out of the plane while opening the raft just before leaving the plane. Much to his credit the raft was just big enough to seal the opening  left by the shaped charge. Looking outside of a rapidly diminishing plane, the sky over the Mediterranean shines brightly over the agents demise.

Situation Normal All Fucked Up

Sanderson’s seemed a bit flustered by the situation, she did not think that they could make it, so in the spirit of freaking out, she took her coat and spread it. Hoping that her flying hamster technique would resolve the issue of falling down rapidly to earth without a parachute. Sean being the more pragmatic of the bunch started going after the special force operators taking them one after the other with the help of Natasha. McGee fearing (rightly) for his life jumped one of the free falling operator and took a pair of handcuff and just attached himself to the soldier. After a couple of exchange both member of the odd couple understood that they had to live with one another for a little while.

After giving a chute to Sanderson and safely landing in the Mediterranean they agent rejoin on a fishing boat that was actually waiting for the plane terrorists. After talking with the lone survivor, a Russian ex-KGB named Dmitri and opening the briefcase. Our intrepid agents understand that the attack on the plane was a highly organized operation created to make sure that the briefcase never gets to its intended destination. In the briefcase the agents found undercover dossiers of MI-5, CIA, KGB and Mossad agents. currently embedded in multiple foreign government and terrorist organizations. With the dossiers the agents also find US bearer bonds for a value of 20 millions dollars. The Agents rapidly comes to the conclusion that this briefcase is the setup for an extensive wet work operation to get rid of deep cover operative. The briefcase contains no clue as to who might have setup the deal. Maybe the owner of the hand could answer the question…

At last in Algiers

Getting to the ground in Algiers from a fishing boat after starting from a airport meant our Agents had a most excellent trip. Standing in the port of Algiers, with their gear somewhere in a plane that probably landed on an island in the middle Mediterranean. As the agents start walking in the city of Algiers they understand that something big is going on this week. After checking things out they learn that the African Union is having an emergency security meeting in the city and that the police and the military have downtown under lock. Getting in and out of downtown Algiers will be a challenge,

They quickly check-in at a small inn outside downtown, and start walking toward Martyr Place. Once there after standing on the central place for a while, they are greeted by a young boy, about 8 years old, wearing an old yellow Nike T-Shirt with over sized Air Jordan sneakers.

“Mr. Namie is waiting for you at Notre-Dame d’Afrique”

He then turns around and points to the Cathedral on top of the hill in the east side of Algiers and starts running, disappearing in the crowd.

Victor then tries to look up a Legion friend in Algiers to get a feel for the situation in Algiers, he finds out that Jules was found dead in a back alley. The local Algiers police report indicate an heroin overdose and a really high blood alcohol count. Victor knows this is fishy, Jules became completely sober after the events in Cote D’Ivoire. Jules’ wife Mira has been trying to get the police to reopen the case, but in a city like Algiers, the police has better things to do. The conspiracy knows they were headed to Algiers, at least with the plane incident it might get them a reprise from the robots, if only they are believed to be dead.

Once in the Cathedral they are met by Namie Mbafeno, dressed in a 2000$ suit that would look perfect on a rich European playboy, part of the club scene.  He looks at Victor without acknowledging the other agents and offers him a really simple deal by giving them a brown envelope containing a single official looking picture of a woman. While looking directly at Victor, he tells him that after he does this, they will be even, and that if he ever wants to, he can visit him in Liberia.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“Please Tell me we won’t kill a woman who won the Peace Nobel prize.” (Sanderson and Romanov)

After a couple of checks, the agents learn that the woman in the picture is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia and Peace Nobel prize winner. After a really quick discussion they refuse to do the deeds, but want to insure that the party responsible for the attempt is dealt with. This gives them an exit strategy without having to become monsters themselves.

Checking a couple of sources they figure out that Sirleaf’s opposition is one of Charles Taylor regional generals, a man known as General  Nawvlee Maurice. Currently living in France after Taylor was offered amnesty.  Checking home, Victor found that General Maurice recently relocated part of his staff to Liberia, probably somewhere in River Gee. Their next step became clear. Enter Liberia covertly, without Namie knowing it, locate and eliminate General Maurice and … Hopefully the and … would become clear afterwards.

 Small Detour, Liberia

Using their newly acquired US bearer bonds, the agents were able to procure an old plane that could take them from Algeria to LIberia, with Sanderson piloting it, After a quick mechanic inspection from McGee, the plane, an old DC-3 that had seen better days. was deemed in perfect flying condition. The flight was going really well until Victor declared “the only thing that could stop us now, would be an engine fire”. Naturally the comment was heard loud and clear by a certain Mr. Murphy who happily started an right wing engine fire forcing Sanderson to land the plane in Liberia’s jungle.  Our intrepid agents were forced to walk to the nearest road, and huffing the final 70 kilometers to General Maurice base camp.