Planning Game #6 (En Route to Cyprus)

See Game #5 recap for more information on how we got here.

Core Clues : Boehringer Ingelheima German pharmaceutical, Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash and RihabTaha

Following the kidnapping of Sarah Lennart from his mansion in Malta, Frietz the leader of the Nomad gang in Vienna is pissed off, and afraid of the consequence if the Mafiya would learn this. Meanwhile the Agents set their sights on Cyprus hoping to figure to whom the tagged container where sent (Syria Government).

Using the information from Maria’s thugs, Frietz put down a contract on the agents with the Cyprus syndicate. The contract states that Sarah must be recovered or the contract becomes void. Since this is last minute, the pirate crew have no idea what she looks like. As soon as Morgan’s “fishing” boat reaches 200 nautical miles from Cyprus it will be intercepted by two smaller crafts (probably drug runners) armed to the teeth (mooks). They will approach rapidly, firing M60 rounds to kill the engine, and comms, they will then proceed to board and recover Sarah. 6 thugs are in each of the assault craft. This will probably turn into a chase, on high seas.

Assault sequence of events

About 1h30 radio chatter will increase
Once spotted the crafts will take 15 minutes to reach intercept range and then it will take 10 minutes to disable the comms and engine block. This is an excellent moment for Sarah to put up a fight as she knows these thugs were sent by Ulric Frietz to recover her.

 Sarah has full on Stockholm Syndrome, once removed from the control of Frietz, she will require intense therapy if she ever wants to live a normal life again. The effect of the Syndrome can include trying to avenge Ulric Frietz (if an agent murdered him), trying to flee at any moment, not answering any questions that might create trouble for Ulric Frietz, etc..

A sea king helicopter can be on site in 30 minutes, time for the bad guys to kill Morgan.

If the attack fails the agents will be able to reach Cyprus, but 1 day later a kill team of the Red Beret will also be transferred in. (Anton Dedopovitch) will warn the agents.

Cyprus Map

Once in Cyprus (Paphos), the agents will need to figure how to find the crates and follow them to their destination. Here is their past/current whereabouts.

About the crates

In game #4, the Agents managed to recover 2 crates that contained Nuclear equipment and plans for dirty bomb creation. The replaced the content of the crates with sand and added trackers to make sure that they could see where they would be going.

The crates are an exchange currency to the Syrian government. The will be used by the (M)afiya to secure two Iraki biological warfare scientists, Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash and RihabTaha. These two top scientists are what’s left of Saddam’s bio-research facility of Al Salman. With the delivery mechanism retrieved a couple of years ago, the conspiracy now requires the scientists who developed the technology to make all the pieces function with the spore sample of S100A4 KU1 stored in the old nuclear complex of Maïka. Once secured the scientists will be delivered to the Boehringer Ingelheima German pharmaceutical company. They will be assigned to the top secret research lead by the Scientist himself, Albert Boehringer, founder of the company.


  • #RF5562 – Train in route to Dubrovnik
  • Obviously faked cargo manifest (amateurish at best)
  • Paid for the Baldak Shipping Corporation
  • The Vasco da Gama is bound to Kyrenia, Cyprus


  • Currently in storage in Kyrenia
  • From Kyrenia crates will take a truck ride to Famagusta, highly guarded
  • Transport chopper inbound to Damascus, Syria (MI-7 chopper)


  • Two women embark and fly back.

Possible Opposition

  • Train (Mafiya Mooks (1 hp) )
  • Boat (Sailors, mooks (2 hp) )
  • Truck transport – Turkish thugs (3 hp)
  • Transport chopper, Turkish military personnel (4 hp) + One Red Beret Operator – Renfield
  • Syria – Elite forces, and regular soldiers, opposition forces.

There is a civil war in Syria, Agents will stand out and will probably be seen as European special forces. This will make them a target to most of the people in Damascus.

Map of the conflict in Damascus (Pink areas represent conflicts)


From the Headlines

Quoting U.S. administration officials, the American paper said there are intelligence reports that Iraqi scientists are seeking safety in France. According to the daily, U.S. officials declined to put a number on how many Iraqi weapons scientists have entered Syria, but estimated it is fewer than 10 at this point. Among those claimed to have made it to Syria are Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash and Rihab Taha, both top scientists in Iraq’s alleged biological-weapons program, said The Washington Times.

The two women are notable not only for their scientific expertise, but also because they attained senior positions among the male-dominated Ba’ath Party, the paper said. Mrs. Taha, a British-trained microbiologist, is married to Iraq’s oil minister Amir Rashid Mohammed Ubaydi, on the American most-wanted list of 55.

The Times claims she ran Iraq’s biological-warfare program at a research lab in the town of Hakam beginning in the mid-1980s. Mrs. Taha was not listed, although she is wanted for questioning. Mrs. Ammash has been photographed at Saddam’s Cabinet meetings, and at a meeting with his son, Qusay, according the U.S. Daily. On Friday, April 11, Mrs. Ammash’s picture and name were listed by the U.S. Central Command as one of 55 most-wanted Iraqis.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has warned Syria several times publicly to stop helping the Iraqi regime, asserting that some Iraqi leaders had fled to the country.