Would the real TimeWatch please stand up

TimeWatch answers Kevin Kulp’s question “Who runs TimeWatch? ” in the last See Page XX.

What we are is of no concern of you Kevin – [Redacted] – { tRansMiss1on CoPromis3d – Rst of mssg dltd }. WE RUN TIMEWATCH – stop interfering.

This is a quick write-up of an idea I had a while ago. It is not in any way complete or edited correctly, you can actually blame time for this…

Excerpt from a transmission received by TimeWatch (ELINT section)

The Earth as we know it is no more. True Time is a bleak barren land scape, following the events of WW3 life on earth is/was no more. You are part of TimeWatch unaware of the true history, sent on missions to make sure time is protected. Rebels navigate the streams, causing havoc, most of the time you can stop them. Sometimes you can’t, but every time they change time a bit. You believe in your work, exactly the same way I did. Don’t bother looking me up, I don’t exists at least I don’t believe I do. Which is more than I can say about you lot. Your master probably just reset the Stream to a read position before I joined. Let me tell you a story, believe it if you want.. It is of no importance, your memories can always be refactored.

TimeWatch believed to be benevolent overseers doing a sacred duty, are just another bunch of fucking aliens, there I said it. WW3 was a draw, the kind of which boxing fan shake their head at. It was a draw because the fighters could no longer show up. When life on earth disappeared in a flash, the galactic community was completely overjoyed, the barbarian apes had committed suicide and would no longer pose a threat to the peaceful galactic empire. The problem had solved itself. Unbeknownst to them, just before the atomics fired, a small team of dedicated hippies broke in area 51 and stole the only functioning time machine on earth. They used it to slip out.

The hippies recruited across time, learned of the end of the world and are now pulling strings, which you are cutting, to make sure humanity endures. Initially they thought that it would be easy, change the mind of a couple of world leaders, rig some elections and get rid of a lot of nuclear warheads. It was all going well with proxy time getting stronger and more stable until the Green Uglies took notice. To say that the Green Uglies were not happy would be the understatement of the year, century history. This is where TimeWatch came to be created. The benevolent aliens created the time agency so that we would be our own police force. Following the example of our own history, we would be our own executioners. Once TimeWatch was in-place all they had to do was to give a couple of nudges and time would merge itself back to True Time. The resistance only goal is/was fighting TimeWatch to make sure proxy time does not reset to the true time stream.

The first event actually occurred in the 60s. In the true time stream JFK was not elected. President Nixon more aggressive leadership style could not prevent the launch of nuclear missiles during the events of the Cuban missile crisis. This became the first time humanity ceased to exist in True Time. The election of President Nixon and hard stance on the left wing west coast movements of the 60s had the effect of creating extreme left opposition groups. One of these group, sure that the election of Nixon had been rigged (they were wrong) assaulted a military depot near Roswell hoping to arm themselves to oppose the government. As they got in the military compound they found a device. As they got surrounded by the army, their fate seemed sealed, they activated the device hoping to destroy the military base. They instead saw themselves transported in time – a couple of years earlier.

Understanding the scope of their discovery, they set a plan in motion to insure the victory of President Kennedy. The firing of the time device, alerted the Galactic TimeWatch, who watched the hoped for end of humanity dissolved in a space race between the two world superpowers. Bringing the aggressive ape descendants one step closer to the stars.

From that moment on, TimeWatch started sending agents to correct the time stream, they were helped by time’s tendency to revert itself to True Time. Sad but true, the original hippies are no more, one of you got the last of them yesterday, or was it last year, I can no longer tell – please excuse me. So I was saying you got them all, Bravo!, but as every historians knows if there is one thing hippies do good is build communities and grassroot movements. Tell your masters that we are everywhere. Tell them that humanity will endure on, we will go on. Every moment time goes back to the final state, we will be there to steer the events so that humanity has another chance. You will not deny us, we will fight for our right to exist and we will prevail.


TimeWatch [Earth] believed by its own agents to be a benevolent organization working to protect the time stream from bandits, is in fact just another bad guy. In this Conspiracy Mode of play, the players can start as TimeWatch agents jumping around and fixing the time stream. Once in a while a weird order comes along, from high up, that they must follow. This can be the first story arc, understanding the powers controlling TimeWatch. Once they become more trusted the agents are sent to oppose the Hippies. At that point they have the choice to turn, allowing for a completely different type of game.

This allows the group to follow an investigation inside an investigation, peeling the layers of the conspiracy as they go through other events. This makes this setup really like the X-Files, where the investigators are actually internal to the conspiracy. It should be setup in a way where the agents understand later the real goals of their missions, and try to stop themselves from doing it. If this is setup correctly, in their early missions they could be thwarted by characters that behave exactly like senior version of themselves. The great thing about this is that to thwart the character the opposition CANNOT eliminate past versions of themselves.