Research Notes on S100A4 KU1/KU2/KU4

What happens to an ecology, when the parasite level reaches critical mass? The ecology dies.
— Hugh MacLeod, How To Be Creative

Alien Origins

The vampire in the Shoot at the Stars campaign is a fungus like entity that arrived through the Tunguska incident in 1908. The fungus is a parasite that migrates from star to star colonizing any ecology that it encounters, once the entire ecology is subverted, it becomes dormant for until a catastrophic event, planet collision, or even attempt by the inhabitants to send it out to space, enables it to reach the next stars. The organism is so simple that it can survive in most environment in its dried state, and will return to it when exposed to danger. When dried the organism looks like a white gray powder that could easily be mistaken for Anthrax.


There is only one known organism fitting the KU1 descriptive. Using a psychic link to all the KU2 subjects ( Nikodim Stepanovitch, Sorin Cimpeanu,  Andrei Nikolaevich (Luciano Ruiz), Oleg Borodin ), it is currently assembling all the key parts of a spreading technology (bio-warfare). Normally when the Spore comes in contact with a xenoform it can spread really easily, but human DNA offers an imperfect fit, making KU1 the only pure source of the Spore.

Some KU4 subjects have been created from the KU2 spores, these subjects are highly unstable sue in part to mutations due to the contact between the spores and the human antigens.


It is currently alone, as a perfect source, the complete regeneration process being incomplete it is still really fragile. Using spores it infected other individuals, they are currently under its control.

Variations and Divisions (Existing types)

Including the original Spore, three variations exists

  • KU1 – The orginal Organism – (Alien)
  • KU2 – The four infected from the S100A4 MR4 project (Infected)
  • KU4 – Renfield like creation from the KU2 level infected. They are used mostly as easily controllable enforcers. (Clones)
    •  Note: these Renfields will do most of the heavy lifting for the conspiracy, working for their masters.
    • Some animal variations of the KU4 are rumored to exist.
    • Through mutation the Spore adapted to sunlight by developing a binary state defensive mechanism. The KU4 Spores alternate rapidly between their dormant state and live state. Enabling the clones to day walk and survive UV, the effect can be seen in photograph or video where the affected regions of the skin appear blurry. This comes at the cost of a reduced lifespan for the spores themselves.
  • KU5 – Rumors abound of a derivative of the KU4 Spore that was developed by a drug chemist – (Luciano Ruiz)  from Brazil. Known on the streets by the names of Star Glitter | Glitter Dust | Star Dust | Extreme Star Dust, it is currently hitting the European market and taking over the club scene.
    • Game Effect : at the cost of 1 stability a drug user can summon extra concentration, strength, motivation conferring 3 temporary points in any investigative or general ability. Prolonged use creates a physical addiction, an addict failing to get her fix will lose 1 permanent points in Athletic, for every 24 hours without the drug.

Credit where credit is due, the infected idea, and levels of vampirism was taken from the Age Of Ravens blog, please see the excellent post about a multi-level infection. A similar entry on an alien type infection can be found at, while the one presented here is really a spore infection and not a bipedal organism, I found the similarities uncanny, therefore  here it is for sake of completeness.

Life and Death

As pure spores the organism can essentially live eternally, entering dormant state whenever it requires to survive harsh conditions. If its host is destroyed the spores will lay dormant till they can reattach to a new host. Fire will completely burn the spores, but care needs to be taken so that the heat is high enough, if not some spores might remain. The spores are also sensitive to Ultra-Violet light and will go dormant when exposed to direct sunlight, spores under the clothing will not be affected.

The higher energies of the ultraviolet spectrum from wavelengths about 10 nm to 120 nm (‘extreme’ ultraviolet) are ionizing, but due to this effect, these wavelengths are absorbed by nitrogen and even more strongly by dioxygen, and thus have an extremely short path length through air. – Note for possible weapons that could be created by a crafty Agent.


The KU1 organism is not human in any way, its sentience is completely alien, and therefore cannot be considered to have humanity. It acts like fungus, with a simple and clear goal, ensuring survival and dominance of a system ecology.  As long as it can work to achieve this, it will go on, anything stopping the Spore from achieving this goal will be terminated by the KU2/KU4 organisms. Control of the infected is constant, the KU2/KU4 are always under the guile of the KU1 Spore.

KU2 have a high compulsion to help the KU1 achieve its goals, but they still remain control on their individual actions. They believe they are in complete control, but this is only true on the surface. As most of their own thoughts and actions are always done according to plan, KU1 does not actively control the infected, it relies on the natural compulsion of the other spores to make sure that the goals will be achieved. This is a simple biology requirement, the individual in the hivemind do not really know why they are doing the actions, but they do and believe that they were in control.


There is currently no known cure, except the terminal ones like sunlight and extremely strong UV lights. Anti-fungal agents can control its spread, but the fungus does not recede completely. KU4 have a really low lifespan, according to tests done by Sorin Cimpeanu, lifespan is at most 1 year.