Sophie Sanderson

Sophie ‘Sleepwalker’ Sanderson, is your typical gen Y hacker. Really hard to get motivated or behind any causes but her own. Completely distrustful of system she will do whatever she can to expose the truth. Taking to heart the old UNIX hackers motto of “Information MUST be free”, she is currently one of the most active wikileaks source, but the information she provides is always considered suspect.

At 26 she was part of the terrorist organization, ANONYMOUS, and was arrested after her cell hacked sites and databases of the CIA, freeing thousands of pages of classified documents. Rumors have it that she cut a deal with the CIA, making her an analyst for 5 years at the employ of the NSA, once her 5 years were up, she left, promising to never get caught again. Other hackers in her cell were not so lucky and now see her as a turn-coat.

Sleepwalker is now walking a thin line between the shadows, burned on both sides, will she be able to find people who can trust her?

Sophie Sanderson‘s character sheet