Recap Game #1


Agents are tasked with the theft of a military laptop from a known fixer Georg Rudek After locating the laptop and studying the movements of General Lennart’s in the Sarajevo airbase and around the city, they settled on a simple plan. They manage to get their hands on sleep gas. While the rest of the team was working on a delivery system for the sleep agent, Sophie’s and McGee were working on how to exchange the laptop. Using their combined technical skills, they created a clone of Lennart’s laptop.

Natasha set up the infiltration by climbing the outside of the house, and filling Lennart’s room with the sleep gas. Once the gas had made its effect, she entered the room and switched the laptop.

Once the laptop had been stolen the Agents went to rendez-vous with Anton Dedopovitch. Once the Agent reached the exchange location, they scouted the location and the surrounding hills. Seeing the prime spot on one of the hill the Agents decided that Natasha would stay behind and cover them in case something went wrong. (Director smiling here).

On the night of the exchange, Natasha spotted a man walking cautiously to a prime sniping location. After a brief scuffle, the man went down hard. Using the high powered rifle scope, Natasha was able to set up a prime snipping location, and survey the exchange.

Down in the cemetery, Sean and Victor walked to meet Anton and his crew, while Sophie and McGee stayed back in a white nondescript van. Afterwards, problems came hard and fast, Anton sprung his trap by calling to his hidden card, the sniper, which answered by blowing the head off one of Anton’s bodyguard. Natasha had made good use of the recovered weapon and hand loaded ammunition.

After the fight the Agents, a laptop and an injured Anton, drove off, tires screeching and made for the border as fast as possible.