Recap Game #6 En route to Cyprus

In the early hours of morning, in the space between night and day, the Agents are on Captain Morgan’s boat, the aptly named “Dances with Sheep”. They have Sarah Lennart under deck, with Sanderson providing much needed psychological help. McGee and Cormack are on deck discussing their next move, while Morgan’s crewman, Than mans the comm and bridge.

A few minutes later the “Dances with Sheep” comms come alive with lots of chatter from two other crafts in the vicinity, they get Sanderson on deck to translate the foreign language, it seems after listening for a bit, that Nigerian mercenaries are on an intercept course. With Romanov and Henry on land in Cyprus, the situation seems dire.

McGee runs underneath and begins to build a flamethrower type apparatus using ducktape, oil drums, pipes and a whole lot of elbow grease, he hopes this will be enough to stave off the assault.

A quick call to Henry and Sanderson is made to make them aware of the situation, once appraised of it they drive to the marina and requisition a pontoon plane to fly to the aid of their fellow Agents. While Romanov preps the plane and pilot, Henry asks who the interceptors are, and remembers that he once dealt with a Nigerian mercenary by the name of Namie in Liberia, today might be their lucky day after all.

Cormack makes radio contact with the assailants from the approaching crafts and tells them that a french operative named Victor Henry is asking for a man named Namie. After a bit of muffled discussions from the approaching crafts Namie takes the radio. After a bit of chit chat, and a story about an hospital in Liberia where it seems Henry might have helped a certain General Maurice, a small time local dictator, Namie agrees to let them go, knowing full well that this makes him a target for the Russians, in exchange of a favor from Henry.

It seems that when the French foreign legion, including Henry, came to Liberia, they made a deal with a local blood diamond overlord on the promise of 50 million dollars in exchange for diamonds, drugs and their own private kingdom. Namie was one of the principals in brokering the deal, so when the legion went home, never having paid the agreed amount, Namie was seen as a potential liability. By asking Henry to make it ok, Namie being instrumental in this deal hopes to increase is own standing with General Maurice. He basically went all in on this one, richness or death at the key. They agree to let the boat go unscathed on the promise of a meeting with Henry in 2 weeks under the Maquam E’ chahid  monument in Algiers.

Now that the team is back together they travel back to the location that Romanov and Henry scouted on Cyprus island, northeast of Polis using two acquired jeeps. While Cormack, Sanderson and McGee were off making new friends in Malta, Romanov and Henry managed to discover the shipping container sitting in a warehouse in Kyrenia on the Turkish side of the U.N. buffer zone. After a quick discussion the Agents agree to get over the Turkish side via the Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia . Before they do this they will require new passports to ease their way in.

Romanov managed to track a small time hustler that helped the KGB set up bank accounts a couple years back. She met Antonio Poulos at the Rodo καφές (Rose Kafe) after a lot of flattering from Poulos side, she managed to get the conversation back on track and asked him for a favor. She told him that she needed 6 passports in exchange for 6000 Euros, he asked for 10000. After a bit of haggling and some more flirting, he told her that he would have the material in 2 days. Romanov had a weird feeling about the whole thing, but without much recourse, the team went ahead, planning for the worse.

During the layover, Sanderson continued getting Sarah Lennart psychologically stable. Hoping to get a couple of clues on Ulric Frietz Vienna’s operation. With all of this is going on, McGee still shaken from the Hotel events started working on a Technical, getting his hands on a Browning .50 Cal M2 Aircraft from an old PT boat that Morgan was keeping in his holds. McGee being McGee, he concealed the whole .50 mount under an empty fridge, so that he could drive through Polis unnoticed.

By talking with Sarah the team learned that Ulric Frietz is a complete nut job and that the organization of the day to day operations were handled by a woman named Maria Ivanova. She was assigned to Ulric by the Solntsevskaya Bratva to make sure that he remembers who his masters are. Sarah believes that Ulric fell in love with her, and will probably try to recover her any way he can. Maybe even disobeying direct orders.

Two days later, the team assembled and went to the rendez-vous with Poulos. Cormack got in first, posing as a tourist in the Cafe, he quickly got the feeling that the meet was under surveillance, probably from local police. Poulos was sitting alone at his table, looking really nervous. Rather than abort, the team decided to go through with the exchange, Romanov came up from the street, sat down and pushed a small briefcase with the money in it to Poulos in exchange for the passports. Soon as Romanov confirmed that the passports were in the envelope the meet was interrupted by 3 undercover cops sitting at the other tables of the small Cafe. Cormack started the hostilities by grabbing a hold of the nearest police officer and throwing him on the ground. A brief scuffle ensued which saw Romanov run for it through Polis side streets, she managed to down 2 cops while running and reached the parked technical. As for Cormack he ran after Poulos who used the scramble to try to get away scots free with the money.

He tackled Poulos, recovering the money in time to see to traffic cops start running after him, after jumping over a melon seller stand. Cormack took a side alley and ran to a dead end. After trying and failing to climb the rain gutter the cops managed to get Cormack under control, and a third man came up behind the cops. He suggested that they let him handle the situation, the cops complied really fast, probably based on the fact that the stranger never opened his mouth to ask them to leave. The Red Beret put his hand on Cormack’s shoulder and it went through a part of the brick wall. This made the cops run real fast in the opposite direction and shook up Cormack.

At that exact moment McGee, Henry and Romanov made their entry in the side street by executing a less than perfect booleg turn with the technical making the .50 caliber gun point directly at the Red Beret. At their complete disbelief, he threw Cormack at the opposing wall and started running directly towards the heavy machine gun. Seeing the Red Beret run directly toward a .50 machine gun, left a lasting impression on the Agents. In a moment of clarity, McGee declared that the weapon had been loaded with incendiary rounds (You are shitting me!). Romanov started firing the weapon repeatedly hitting the runner a couple of time, with him/it never going down. The hit never seemed to affect him, but the fire did give him food for thoughts.

The Red Beret skipped the scene by flipping the building on its side, through non-euclidean geometry, ran to the roof. Once there reality reestablished itself, the building resetting to the proper Einstein space-time continuum. Now, that… freaked the Agents.

Coming back to the mansion, the Agents were completely distraught. Sanderson looking at them funny, not really understanding what happened. Taking the stolen passports she started working on them, by scanning them for bugs. The third one beeped, at the same time that chopper sounds could be heard in the distance. The team was again on the run, this time from the Greek police.

The Agents will be at it again in Dhekelia, hopefully rested and ready to take the fight to the Conspiracy.