What did we learn?

At the end of the (S)entries operations the Agents were left with General Lennart’s Laptop. After looking rapidly through it they found a couple of interesting tidbits, and one encrypted folder. To access the folder the Agents will need to succeed at a Digital Intrusion (8) test. Cryptography tells them that this level of security is Ultra-Secure, and no one bothers with it normally except spooks (CIA, NSA, KGB), and really paranoid people.

Left to their own devices the Agents really wanted to know why they had been targeted after a fairly simple mission, and probably to teach whomever was responsible a quick and hard lesson.

After getting the information from the laptop, it took one week for Sophie to crack it. After which they met at the Crown and Scepter in London. After long discussion they decided to pursue the (S)arajevo lead, that way if it really went bad, they could try to contact General Lennart’s and maybe extract some additional information from him.

Whenever you will see a @ symbol, it means that this clue points to another scene or operation for the Agents, more details can be found there. I will try to make sure all these links resolve properly but this might not be the case always.

Here is what they found.

  • Notes and pictures on possible theft and resell of weapons from various NATO bases across Europe. @(R)ed Berets
  • Evidence of secret flight out of NATO air bases in Italy or the Balkans. @(B)lack Ops
    • Pictures (6) of the members of one squad of the Red Berets. @(R)ed Berets
    • One of the picture is really blurred around the face of one of the squad member.
      • Photography – the blur was not added as a post process operation to protect the identity of the soldier (photoshop)
        • (1) A really strong magnetic field can create this effect.
  • A complete dossier on missing WMDs from the Irak theater. Most of it regarding biochemical weapons.
    • Many news article on the famous weapons of mass destruction, that were not found in Irak.
      • Many of the articles are right wing conspiracy theorists that believe that the actual weapons were moved to Syria after CIA warned President Hussein of the invasion. @(S)yria
    • The dossier details that an Al Queda Emir – Abou Bakr @(S)ubmarine might have met with a Saddam Hussein aide in late 2003.
    • Accounting – A financial report shows that huge sums of money were transferred from the La Roche & co Swiss Private Bank to accounts owned by the Hussein regime.
    • Tradecraft – Weapons would then have been transferred to the UAE. Trace is lost for 2 years.
    • In 2005 containers dormant for 2 years appear in Bosnia, scanned by a U.S. Marine clerk in the (S)arajevo Airbase. Clerk awaits orders.
    • Research – Clerk dies in a forklift accident 2 weeks afterward. Containers disappears again.
  • Lennart’s requested to be transferred to Sarajevo three times, all of them were denied. Bureaucracy – Not Normal
    • Transfer request to Italy is finally accepted. Lennart’s uses it to then request an end of tour transfer to Bosnia for family reasons.
  • An email from his daughter Sarah, tells him that she is really sorry about the last time they talk, and that she is really taking care of herself now and even found a job at @(M)odels in Vienna.
    • Research | Bureaucracy– Lennart’s daughter was involved in protests against military involvement in various parts of the world, even accusing her dad of being a child murderer. Sarah went so far as to destroy equipment and was arrested while breaking and entering in a military base. These acts cost her father the job of brigadier General. They have not spoken in a long time. @(M)odels

Recap Game #1


Agents are tasked with the theft of a military laptop from a known fixer Georg Rudek After locating the laptop and studying the movements of General Lennart’s in the Sarajevo airbase and around the city, they settled on a simple plan. They manage to get their hands on sleep gas. While the rest of the team was working on a delivery system for the sleep agent, Sophie’s and McGee were working on how to exchange the laptop. Using their combined technical skills, they created a clone of Lennart’s laptop.

Natasha set up the infiltration by climbing the outside of the house, and filling Lennart’s room with the sleep gas. Once the gas had made its effect, she entered the room and switched the laptop.

Once the laptop had been stolen the Agents went to rendez-vous with Anton Dedopovitch. Once the Agent reached the exchange location, they scouted the location and the surrounding hills. Seeing the prime spot on one of the hill the Agents decided that Natasha would stay behind and cover them in case something went wrong. (Director smiling here).

On the night of the exchange, Natasha spotted a man walking cautiously to a prime sniping location. After a brief scuffle, the man went down hard. Using the high powered rifle scope, Natasha was able to set up a prime snipping location, and survey the exchange.

Down in the cemetery, Sean and Victor walked to meet Anton and his crew, while Sophie and McGee stayed back in a white nondescript van. Afterwards, problems came hard and fast, Anton sprung his trap by calling to his hidden card, the sniper, which answered by blowing the head off one of Anton’s bodyguard. Natasha had made good use of the recovered weapon and hand loaded ammunition.

After the fight the Agents, a laptop and an injured Anton, drove off, tires screeching and made for the border as fast as possible.