S100A4 MR4 Dossier

Officer in Charge : Kapitan Nikodim Stepanovitch.

Project Start Date: September 21st 1946

Objective : Help wounded soldiers recover from fatal wounds and stem battlefield infections.

Kapitan Stepanovitch was a junior liaison officer during the first test trials on the Man of Tunguska, now one of the only living member of the initial project he was able to have the project re-activated. His expressed goal was to use the regeneration characteristics to augment the healing capabilities of wounded soldiers.

Project S100A4 MR4 was setuped in the city of Stalingrad with a discretionary budget and started clinical research on the frozen samples. While the research staff re-activated all the old protocols from the first project, Kapitan Stepanovitch went to work on the members of the Polit Bureau to re-acquire the body from Sevastopol bay.

Part of the political work done by Kapitan Stepanovitch was also to convince them that the project was to treat wounded soldiers and prevent infections from spreading in military wards. Nobody thought that the Kapitan would try to develop a longevity serum.

It took a whole year to get the body back in the Stalingrad laboratory. It seemed that the pressure was enough to keep the body from regenerating. 4 more years of research were required to discover that the body was starving for human blood. During that period it was also discovered that blood filtered through the body would gain regeneration characteristics. The only issue was that more they filtered blood through the vessel, faster it regenerated.

Fearing the consequences of passing to much blood through the body, it was decided that the 10 1cc. samples would be enough for further analysis, tissue samples were also taken and frozen. The analysis of the tissue samples enabled the research team to understand that the body was not coming back to life, but was only re-animated, as if the organisms was trying to mimic life. After further studies, spores were found to be slowly multiplying in the blood samples and tissue samples. The extremely toxic fungus like organism were discovered and isolated. Once isolated the spores started dying faster that they could reproduce as soon as they were put in the presence of sunlight or UV lights, this flaw prevented the mass usage of the spores for any military use.

The body went back in the lead coffin and was  immediately sent in deep freeze [Location Unknown]. From the 10 blood samples taken, 3 were injected to test subjects (political prisoners). It was discovered that a couple of weeks after the injections took place tests subjects started exhibiting the same characteristics as subject 0. Their strength, resistance to pain, wounds and infections was found to be increased tenfold, the only thing that seemed to have a controlling effect was to subject the patients to daily UV-light treatment.

The subject were also found to develop a thirst for human blood, tests from that period were not able to discover the root cause of this, only that it seemed to strengthen the organisms. Feeding them blood from other tests subjects even speed up the process of healing, even re-growing previously destroyed limbs in a couple of hours.

The research was completely abandonned when the test subjects started exhibiting extremely uncontrollable violent behavior, and went through complete system shutdown. Kapitan Stepanovitch and members of the research team were able to steal 4 of the remaining samples. They also created falsified research reports explaining that the research was a failure and that the samples were destroyed.

The stolen samples were injected to Kapitan Stepanovitch and to the lead scientists: Doctor Sorin Cimpeanuu, Professor Andrei Nikolaevich (Luciano Ruiz) and to Doctor Oleg Borodin. Following the project failure, the four members left the Russian armed forces, keeping in contact to one another.

Till 1957 the project dossiers were kept under wraps in a KGB data crypt under the Kremlin, the Kychtym incident gave KGB command the perfect location to securely store the last 3 remaining samples and all the projects notes. The conspiracy has been biding its time for a while, but recent developments in the field of biochemistry combined with DNA discoveries could mean that the Organism could be researched again. They are now trying to recover the location of the original research notes and the location of the body. 

Currently Infected

  • Nikodim Stepanovitch
  • Sorin Cimpeanu
  • Andrei Nikolaevich (Luciano Ruiz)
  • Oleg Borodin