Natasha Romanov

Natasha Romanov was born and raised in a former high level Party class family in the Soviet Union. At the fall of the wall most high ranking soviet officers took one of two choices, crime or politics, often both. The Romanov’s went in public service, her father becoming an important figure in regional politics. Like most wealthy kids in Russia, Natasha had to endure formative activities, these can in no way be considered play. In the case of Natasha her father chose ballet to give the girl direction, and a royal bearing. Hiring a former Bolshoi Ballet instructor, the lessons forged Romanov in a training machine, no task could be to hard, no task could be abandoned.

As the only child of the Romanov family she joined the KGB and rapidly became known for her skill with various weapons and weird fighting technique that she derived from her Vaganova training method. Natasha is a deadly operator, when compared to her male colleagues she often leaves them confounded and a bit depressed. That made her a couple of enemies over the years, as some operators were not promoted and even asked to re-take basic training after getting schooled by Natasha, hopefully no one holds a grudge anymore…

Natasha Romanov‘s character sheet