Rendez-vous in Algiers

Algiers, quick and dirty

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Algiers is one of the most important seaports in North Africa and the main administrative, commercial, economic, financial and political center in Algeria.

“Alger la Blanche” the “White City” has a population of about 1.5 million inhabitants more than 3 million live in its metropolitan area. Official language is Arabic, Tamazight (Berber languages) and French are in use.

History (short version)
Founded by the Phoenicians, and later a Roman town, it disappeared after the fall of the Roman Empire. It was revived under the Zirid dynasty c. a.d. 980 and became the main stronghold of the Barbary States following its capture by the pirate Barbarossa in 1516.

On 30 June 1815, a treaty was signed here between Algeria and the United States that ended the Algerian War. It was conquered by the French in 1830 at the start of their conquest of Algeria. The city fell to the Allies on 8 November 1942, during World War II, and was thereafter an Allied headquarters. From 23 June 1943 to 31 August 1944 it was the provisional capital of France under President Charles de Gaulle. It was a major center of activity during the Algerian struggle for independence and was the site of General Salan’s putsch of 13 May 1958, which toppled the French Fourth Republic and restored de Gaulle to power.


The Setup

During their encounter with Nigerian pirates off the coast of Cyprus, Victor was able to recognize one of the leader of the assault and make a deal with him. If they were let go, he would agree to meet in Algiers. It seems that Victor had some extra-curricular activities during Operation Licorne in Côte D’Ivoire [2002] on the border of Liberia. Using the conflict as a cover, the french government made a deal with then Liberia President Charles Taylor to supply his troops with weapons and military equipment in exchange for large quantities of gold and diamonds. France wanted to stock up on hard currency to better resist the next market crisis.

Victor was in charge of one of these columns, where he often had to deal with shady characters like Namie Mbanefo. Victor had to suffer their lack of human decency and often watch as Liberia’s troop raped and pillaged the small villages on the convoy’s road. Once the convoy entered Liberia’s national borders, Victor was subjected to the whims of General Nawvlee Maurice. A man that, in Victor view, never did one day of basic training and would not last an hour in the french army. Under order to behave and make sure the transfer went well, the french soldier had to watch as beasts were goaded in attacking and devouring poor helpless farmers for the pleasure of General Maurice and his high ranking staff. While they smoked rare Cuban cigars and enjoyed the attentions of the farmers wifes and daughters. Did Victor partake in the “festivities”?

Having been given the temporary rank of Capitaine for these missions, Victor was expected to leave no traces of France involvement. How did he manage this?

Country hospital near a dirt road. The heat and humidity are off the chart, black flies assault the dead, the sick and the living.

“Capitaine Henri, nous avons un problème, les troupes du Général Maurice ont causé des problèmes graves, très graves. Nos alliés ne peuvent apprendre ce que nous sommes en train de faire, mais le putain de Général menace de tout raconter si nous ne règlons pas son problème. Henri nous ne pouvons nous permettre que cette histoire sorte au grand jour. Nettoyer tout.”

Fast forward 10 years, Victor is no longer in the DGSE. Charles Taylor has been declared guilty of crimes against humanity on April 26th 2012 and sentenced to 50 years in prison. In the last 10 years, Victor tried everything to get away from the place that nearly took his soul, but it seems he will need to deal with what he did for better or worse.

The meet is setup to take place at Maqam Echahid [Martyrs’ Memorial]. Upon arrival the agents are met by a young boy, about 12 years old, wearing an old yellow Nike T-Shirt and way too large Air Jordan shoes. He will redirect them to the Saint-Eugène cemetery, letting them know that they should really visit the tomb of Ranavalona III.

“Monsieur Namie ne vous fait pas confiance, il veut s’assurer que personne ne vous suit. Rendez-vous au cimetière Saint-Eugène, porter un chandail rouge. “

When the Agents arrive at Ravalona’s tomb they read a plaque that details the history of the Queen. With a note at the end of the plaque informing them that more information can be found in the Notre-Dame d’Afrique basilica. The agents will then get on the cable car and finally meet Namie Mbanefo.

“Ranavalona III (22 novembre 1861 – 23 mai 1917) fut la dernière souveraine du Royaume de Madagascar. Elle regna du 30 juillet 1883 au 28 février 1897. Son règne fut marqué d’efforts futiles pour résister aux desseins coloniaux de la France. Veuillez visiter l’exposition permanente dans la basilique pour plus d’informations.”

He will be sorry, not really, of the steps he made the agents take and get down to business. He will address Victor directly without even acknowledging the other agents.

“My backer needs something done, quickly, cleanly. That’s why I accepted your offer, you were offering me an unexpected solution. Thank you for that.”

“In the envelope is a small problem that needs to be taken care of, this problem will be present at the African Union Peace And Security Council in 3 days, in Algiers. Security will be strong, but nothing someone of your ability cannot take care of. Once this small problem is taken care of, we’ll be squared. And if you ever take vacation in Liberia, look me up.”

The envelope contains the picture of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her schedule for the African Union Peace and Security Council. The quality of the provided information indicates that this was provided from an inside source of her security detail. If Victor tries to negotiate, he will be able to offer up to 250000 US dollars, if pushed he will decline to offer more, and will make it clear that the Agents are no longer in Europe and anything might happen.

Cast of characters

Namie Mbanefo – Nigerian Pirate, Formerly aide de camp to General Nawvlee Maurice.

General Nawvlee Maurice – Liberia regional dictator in 2002 under Charles Taylor – (River Gee, Capital Fish Town), Currently working to overthrow Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (need) [], would like to come back to Liberia as a saviour. He currently lives in Paris following his immunity deal to testify against Charles Taylor.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

In 1997, she financed the presidential campaign of Charles Taylor.
November 23, 2005 – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is declared the president of the Republic of Liberia.
October 7, 2011 – Wins Peace Nobel prize
January 16, 2012 – Wins her second mandate as President of the Republic of Liberia

Behind the scenes

General Nawvlee Maurice knows that Ellen Johnson will be at the African Nation Conference in Algiers in 3 days, he wants her eliminated. DynCorp is backing the effort through its Integrated Defense Systems Division, they want access to Liberia mining resources – mostly gold, silica and kyanite. They are currently backing Generals Maurice plan by giving him money and weapons for him to seize power, but they do not want to get their hands dirty by eliminating President Johnson. DynCorp’s plan is to make General Maurice take care of it so that it cannot be traced back to them.

Mbanefo seeing an opportunity felt that the agents were the best scapegoats to pull off the wet work without linking the hit back to General Maurice. At the same time he hopes to gain standing in the newly formed Liberia government.