About Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova was born Manushak Arshakuni in Sisian, Armenia. Like most girls her age, born in the claws of communism she dreamt of a better life, a life where she could be a princess. She was jealous of the western girls she saw on bootlegged American shows, she wanted to marry a rich man for America and shop in the beautiful stores of California. Manushak wanted to live the American dream.

When the wall came down in 1991, Manushak aged 17 knew that she had to try her luck. Lacking papers and money she made a deal with a small time crook from Gyumri named Sayat Mkrtchyan. Using their resources they made a run for it and landed in the Armenian capital, Yerevan.

Unbeknownst to her, Sayat Mkrtchyan owned a lot of money to his boss, Garen Sarkissian, and was hunted down relentlessly. Manushak now going by the name Maria Ivanova, knew that Sayat Mkrtchyan was too small for her dreams. Once the crime syndicate caught up to them she coldly sold him out in exchange for a Kryshas position in the organization, money and power.

As the Bratva in Russia solidified their presence, Sarkissian’s organization was absorbed in the Solntsevskaya Bratva, the group went from being a small time national organization to a major transnational crime organization.

Being a woman Maria was often put in charge of the sex trafficking sections of the organization, her bosses liked her ruthlessness and ability to make impossible things happen by her sheer will. She was not to be stopped from living her dream, even if it meant losing a bit of humanity along the way.

Her latest task has been to monitor the activity of the Vienna group after the Bratva noticed lots of irregularities in their payments and revenues. When she arrived on site she quickly understood that Ulric Frietz was bat shit crazy in love with a girl named Sarah Lennart. In her opinion Ulric was letting his emotions cloud his already impaired judgement. Once she understood the dynamics, she stood back slowly taking control of the operational level of the Vienna group. She saw that if she played he cards right she could take control of the whole Vienna operation becoming the first woman ever to become a Avtorityet (Brigadier).

When the Agents made their presence known in Vienna at the Millennium Building, she saw through their play really quickly. She believes the Agents are paid mercenary tasked with the retrieval of Sarah Lennart, probably from some family member in Canada. She saw her opportunity to come out on top and take over the operations.As the events unfolded, she made sure to create a situation where Ulric would be exposed. So she kindly suggested that he take a breather in Malta while she dealt with the mysterious Sheik. She assigned her most loyal bodyguards to the Malta mansion and let the events unfold.

Recap Game #5

As the Agents are discussing their next move in the suite, Sanderson’s hears noise coming from the hotel corridor. Looking through the spy hole, her attention is drawn to the heavy bags carried by the couple. She also thinks she’d seen some gang tattoos.

McGee is not at all reassured, goes out with an empty ice bucket and knocks on the other room’s door, asking for some ice while trying to peek inside the room. The woman pulls him in, understanding that her cover is blown, and shuts the door.

After a short but bloody combat in the smallish room, our Agents manage to incapacitate the thugs. After a short discussion, Cormack decides to interrogate the man, to insure that he is cooperative, he prepares a dose of Star Dust and injects it. To the agents dismay, the thugs breaks his bonds and goes crazy, destroying everything in his wake.

Staying back a secondary team managed to shadow the agents from Vienna to south Italy, using long range noise enhancement materiel to listen to the conversation between a certain Morgan and Sean.

After tapping the security system of KModels, the Agents learn of Ulric Frietz lawyer, a man named Rudolf Elmer, shadowing him to his office in the Millenium building they kidnap him and bring him to a deserted farm outside of Vienna. Using cunning and quick thinking, and a bit of torture, the agents manage to track Sarah Lennart and Ulric Frietz to a mansion in Malta. While tapping the security system the Agents also learn that Interpol is also taking an interest in the operation of KModels.

Cormack then proceeds to contact an old acquaintance of his, a fishing boat captain named Morgan, who traffics weapons and drugs between North Africa and South Europe. Using clever social-engineering they were able to kidnap Sarah Lennart and disable her ever present shadow.

The agents are now on a fishing boat with Sarah Lennart – and somewhere in Malta Ulric Frietz is PISSED.

Captain Morgan UK navy (ret.),a red bearded Irish with an ample gut. Received a medal during the Falklands war . He could never adapt to civilian life, and became an entrepreneur instead.